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Post Date: May 01 2017
Dickinson Museum Center
BIG BONES - Dinosaur Museum

NEW exhibits, NEW look, NEW activities!
The museum is undergoing major changes, so if you have visited before, come on back, and if you haven’t been to the museum before, you’ll find a great place for paleo fun.

It doesn’t matter if you are a kid, or an adult, this is a cool museum.  The Dickinson Dinosaur Museum not only has dinosaurs that were living a quiet dinosaur life, they have dinosaurs that had all out fights and the scars to prove it. 

Dr. Denver Fowler, Museum Curator, is collecting and bringing new fossils to the museum.  Discovered west of Dickinson, Warwick’s Duck, an Edmontosaurus, a large duckbill dinosaur, was one of the unlucky ducks.  Multiple scars show there must have been a fight to the end.

LOCAL STORIES – Joachim Regional Museum – Pioneer Machinery Hall – Prairie Outpost Park

Joachim Regional Museum showcases ranching, farming and other stories of beginning in a new, open prairies are told, featuring local photos and artifacts.

Pioneer Machinery Hall, some of the current items on display include horse-drawn pieces of machinery, household items, an arrowhead collection, and a Teddy Roosevelt Diorama. 
Prairie Outpost Park has five historic and six reproduction buildings that are located in the park next to the museum.

May 22 – Labor Day
Monday - Saturday 9 am – 5 pm MT
Sunday - Noon - 5 pm MT

Post Labor Day
Monday – Saturday 9 am – 5 pm MT

Adults - $6.00
Seniors 65+ yr. - $5.00
Kids 3-12 yr. - $4.00
2 yr. and under - Free
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