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Welcome to Dickinson!

Are you surrounded by trees, and can't see the sunsets or sunrises? 

When the other states stole our trees, we were left with open air, rolling hills - and the ability to see the land around us..  We can see the rugged badlands, the variety of wildlife, and the colorful prairie flowers.  Come on out to western North Dakota, there's open spaces, with city amenitities.

We have all the comforts of great hotels, dining, and shopping while you are visiting.

Here's what you need to see and do:

1. The Theodore Roosevelt National Park, the Little Missouri State Park, and over a million acres of US Forest Grasslands are home to the badlands, a rugged landscape of twisted hills, juniper trees and a variety of large and small wildlife. Yes, the kids will like it.  You'll probably find them with their smart phone taking pictures, and recording their hikes.

2. While you are in Dickinson, check out the Badlands Dinosaur Museum which is open year round. There's eleven full-scale dinosaurs, a complete earth science exhibit, a spectacular rock and mineral collection, and lots of fossils.  And a rare complete Triceratops skull is on display.  

3. Enchanted Highway.  Just before you get to Dickinson, you'll see the "Geese in Flight", the world's largest metal sculpture. It's 110 feet tall, and weighs over 75 tons! There are six more huge metal as you take the drive south for half an hour.

4. Even if you aren't Ukrainian, you will be amazed at the detail and ability of the artists who create the "Pysanka" Easter Eggs at the Ukrainian Cultural Institute in Dickinson.

5. Not just your oridinary Monks, the Monks of the Assumption Abbey, in Richardton, just east of Dickinson, create pottery, the Sisters spin their own lama wool, offering it for sale.  St. Mary's Church is beautiful, the architecture is breathtaking.
Downtown Dickinson has the unique stores and unique dining.  Cup Burr'n has really different waffles, including chicken, egg and more! The fine dining at the BrickHouse Grille gives the upscale experience for residents and visitors.  Enjoy a great cup of coffee at The Brew Coffee House, located near the city center. 

There's more, but we'll let you take a look, and if you need help, just let us know.

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